Is this the new Pakistan? Firing on a vehicle

Monday, January 3, 2022

 Is this the new Pakistan? Firing on a vehicle

  • Reham Khan, the ex-spouse of high Minister Imran Khan and a Pakistani-born British broadcaster, has claimed to have fired on her car and snatched it at gunpoint.
  • On the micro-blogging website Twitter, Reham Khan wrote that on his way back from the wedding of a close relative, my car was fired upon. two motorcyclists additionally snatched my automobile at Gun point.
  • Reham Khan added in his tweet that my personal assistant and driver were also present in the car.
  • Reham Khan criticized Imran Khan in his tweet and asked if this is Imran Khan's new Pakistan? Welcome to the state of cowards, greedy and thugs.
  • Reham Khan later tweeted that I am not afraid of death or injury but I am angry and worried about the people who work for me.


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