Imran Khan welcomes Canadian PM's statement against Islamophobia

Sunday, January 30, 2022
Imran Khan welcomes Canadian PM's statement against Islamophobia

The Prime Minister said in a Twitter message that he welcomed Justin Trudeau's statement condemning Islamophobia and welcomed the appointment of a Canadian Prime Minister as Special Envoy for Islamophobia. He said joint efforts must be stepped up to eradicate Islamophobia, adding that Justin Trudeau's timely action was in support of the demand I have been making.

In their timely encouragement, This is the echo of the invitation that I have been giving (to the world) for a long time. Let's work together to end this calamity.

The effects of Prime Minister Imran Khan's speaking out against Islamophobia in international forums have begun to show

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also condemned the appointment of a special envoy to address the issue.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin also called Islamophobia "freedom of speech."

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