Imam Baig narrowly escaped a sad accident

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

 Imam Baig narrowly escaped a sad accident

  • Karachi:  main singer Aima Baig narrowly escaped a bad twist of fate
  • A video of Aima Beg's live performance is going viral on social media wherein she had anaccident throughout the live overall performance, but she narrowly escaped the accidentIn a video shared on social media of Aima Beg acting at a few degree in the stay overall performance, it can be seen that Aima was making a song in a corridor whole of spectators whilst  a sharp flame got here out in the front of her on the level.
  • This flame of hearth become so near Imam Beg that even a moderate carelessness should scorch his face. fortunately, nothing took place to Aima Baig in the twist of destiny.The singers, seeing the flames, became worried and stopped making a song and retreated.
  •   Asim Azhar indignant over children abusing girls in live performance.
  • immediately after this terrible coincidence, the people of the concert administration also got here on level. human beings are expressing problem over the video, which has long past viral on social media, advising the singer to be extra cautious.It have to be referred to that during a concert final week, Aima Baig had scolded theyouths who had insulted her and threatened to leave the concert


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