EU opens embassy in Kabul, Taliban

Friday, January 21, 2022


KABUL: The European Union has reopened its embassy in the Afghan capital, which has been closed since the Taliban took power.

According to the International News Agency, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said in his tweet that the European Union officially reopened its embassy in Kabul which had been closed for six months after several meetings and understandings.

The Taliban spokesman also said that the international community should recognize the Taliban government and restore the frozen assets of Afghanistan abroad in view of the humanitarian crisis facing the Afghan people.

On the other hand, EU foreign affairs spokesman Peter Stano said that the appointment of minimum members in the European embassy in Kabul should not be considered as recognition of the Taliban government and this has been conveyed to the current government in Kabul.

Peter Stano added that the presence of EU diplomats in Kabul would be ensured to help humanity in Afghanistan, but that the number would be very small.

It should be noted that the Taliban government that has been in power in Afghanistan since the middle of last year has not been recognized by any country but the people are facing hunger, poverty, disease and unemployment which they are facing lack of funds.

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