Britain's plan to bring Russia to power in Ukraine has been revealed

Sunday, January 23, 2022

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's foreign ministry said on Monday it had received intelligence that Russia was seeking to establish a government of its choice in Ukraine.

According to CNN, the British Foreign Office issued a statement in which it was stated that Yvonne Maurio was more suitable for Russia as a puppet Ukrainian president who has also been a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

However, Eugene Maurio told CNN that he could not comment on the allegations, adding that he was still a Ukrainian citizen and was still under Russian sanctions.

The Foreign Ministry also said that Russian intelligence had made contact with four other former Ukrainian officials, the details of which are as follows:

Sergei Arbuzov - Deputy Prime Minister (2014-2012) and Interim Prime Minister (2014)

Andrei Kliov - Deputy Prime Minister (2012-2010) and former President Yanukovych as Chief of Staff

Vladimir Sevkovich - Former head of the Ukraine National Security and Defense Council

Makula Azarov - Prime Minister (2014-2010)

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