Afghanistan; and Pakistan stuck?

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

 Afghanistan; and Pakistan stuck?

  • Pakistan is also a strange country, it is still running without any national security policy, not only national security policy but also the fact that this country has no permanent foreign policy.
  • The basic principles of the foreign policy of each country are defined and in the short term as well as each country formulates a long term foreign policy but Pakistan has no permanent foreign policy but our response to the actions of different countries is called foreign policy. ۔Above all, we have no long-term policy regarding the two main characters of our foreign front, India and Afghanistan. We have not been able to decide whether we should pursue a policy of complete hostility with India or like China.
  •  We want to attain our desires by using manner of maintaining trade family members by means of the usage of insisting on our function, India acts and we react and that is our coverage in the direction of India.specially, we haven't any long-time period everlasting policy on Kashmir either.Imran Khan was celebrating his return from the United States and expected this.They said that now Donald Trump will be the mediator to solve the Kashmir issue but then when Modi changed the status of occupied Kashmir at the behest of Trump, from then till today his government has not given any paper plan to Kashmiris. 
  • We have not yet decided whether we must communicate on the problem of Kashmiris on the basis of human rights, on the idea of faith or on the idea of worldwide diplomatic realities.
  • live with the declarants however now that it has become tough to show sympathy to them, we've not given them any alternative method.
  • we've now not yet reached a national consensus on the constitutional reputation of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. ​The same is true of Afghanistan. we have brilliant smooth power at the Afghan the front however the reality is that we've got never been united Repent from the relaxation of the alternatives and do not try to use it.For the last three a long time, our Afghan coverage has been both or now not and if it changed into based totally mostly on assumptions, we might have blindly supported the Mujahideen.However, the effects of this support were not taken into account. When the Soviet Union came out, celebrations were held in every city of Pakistan, but then the Soviet Union could not do what these Mujahideen destroyed Afghanistan.The anti-Mujahideen Afghans became our enemies in that era, then we chose Hekmatyar among the Mujahideen because Ahmad Shah Massoud as an Afghan was not ready to follow us. Thus, except Hekmatyar, we made the rest of the Mujahideen our enemy. Then when the Taliban emerged, we angered Hekmatyar and his supporters by supporting the Taliban over Hekmatyar. By becoming an ally of the United States against the Taliban after 9/11 and by allowing our bases and routes against them, we have angered the Afghan Taliban and their supporters, arrested some Taliban leaders in Pakistan, some of the US Handed over, some were killed here but on the other hand we could not please America.The United States and its allies have repeatedly complained that we are playing a double game with them. Hamid Karzai became the ruler with the help of Pakistan and as IslamabadThe rulers had gone to Kabul but after some time they too became disgusted with our attitude and became opponents. Then we used every tactic to make Ashraf Ghani ascend the throne Couldn't keep friends. Over the past 20 years, our Afghan policy has been based on three assumptions.The first is that the united states presence in Afghanistan is the foundation purpose of the riots.The second is that Ashraf Ghani, Hamid Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah are enemies of Pakistan and the Taliban are friends of Pakistan. Now that the United States has left, we have begun to cry that problems have arisen and certainly have arisen because of the early departure of the United States. More importantly, why was it not addressed?The question is, why did we co-operate in the US-Taliban deal before the inter-Afghan reconciliation?Didn't put pressure? In the same way, we are now beginning to complain that the Taliban do not listen, even though students like us have been saying for decades that all Afghans should look at one another, now that they have emerged victorious.They have in mind that if we defeated a power like the United States after Britain and the Soviet Union, then why should they obey a country like Pakistan? Dictation is not in the mood of any Afghan and the Taliban will definitely not take it. On the one hand, we are the advocates of the Taliban.On the one hand, we have to bear the economic burden of their government, on the other hand, the world and Pakistan are angry over the advocacy of anti-Taliban Afghan Taliban and on the fourth hand, they are not complying with our demands as we want. Then the question is why do we become their uncles instead of handing over Afghanistan to Afghans? On the other hand, the third assumption is that the fact that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is part of Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan and the victory of Afghan Taliban They also have victory.The strange spectacle is that the people who made these assumptions are AfghansInstead of apologizing to the nation, they are making heartfelt comments


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