Accused of rape and fraud arrested two years after his death

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Glasgow: An American man who proved himself dead two years ago in an attempt to avoid rape and fraud cases has finally been caught by the law.

According to the British News Agency, a suspect has been arrested while undergoing treatment in Corona Ward who died two years ago. The accused was wanted by the police in rape and fraud cases.

Accused Nicholas Al-Ahwardin had recently pretended to die to avoid arrest in the rape case and had published the news of his death in the newspapers on which the case was also closed.

The suspect lived under the name Arthur Byte for two years, but was admitted to a Glasgow hospital with corona last month. When the patient's thumb was taken, he was identified as Nicholas Rossi.

Police took the accused into custody but allowed him to undergo treatment due to his serious illness and directed him to come to the police station after discharge from the hospital. However, the accused escaped from the hospital.

Scotland Yard police have re-arrested the accused and transferred him to jail. Nicholas Rossi will appear in court on February 17 for trial on a charge of sexual assault and fraud.

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