A new invention for heart failure patients

Monday, January 17, 2022

Israel: A type of heart failure severely affects a patient's daily routine, requires frequent hospitalizations, but now the solution has come out. Now a device installed in the heart can ease this problem.۔ 
It was developed by Restore Medical, an Israeli company, and was named Contra Band. Congestive heart failure causes the heart to lose its ability to pump blood. And there is no blood coming out of the valve due to which the blood keeps reaching the lungs. And have difficulty breathing. 
After a few steps, the patient becomes tired and gasps. It is important to know that CHF does not kill the heart but rather reduces its ability to shed blood. In this case, the reverse valve becomes useless. 
But now there is nothing to worry about, this invention which is a wire-like device can be applied to the heart and this condition can be removed to a great extent. It is inserted into the pulmonary artery. This increases the pressure in a healthy upright valve, which in turn eliminates reverse valve failure. 
It is delivered to the heart through a cord just like angioplasty. After an hour's procedure, the patient can go home the next day.
The company says it will conduct further tests, after which it will be available worldwide by about 2026. 
Contra bands can be inactivated inside the heart instead of being pulled out again after a complication has occurred and nothing happens to the patient.


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