US lawmaker cries over allegations of sexual harassment

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 US lawmaker cries over allegations of sexual harassment

WASHINGTON: US lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio Cortez cried on a social networking site, citing past sexual abuse.

According to the International News Agency, a female member of Congress was reporting on a social networking site the day when angry Trump supporters stormed the Congress building.

The woman MP said it was a terrible day and a man was banging on the door of her office, the man was very angry and was asking where she was hiding.

The legislator hid me in the washroom,  'Alexandria said. The assailant kept knocking on the door, saying he had never been quiet in his life.

Meanwhile, a female Congress member cried and said that she had been sexually exploited in the past, the fear of which is still on her head and she came out of psychological and mental problems with great difficulty.

Alexandria Ocasio Cotiz added that when you have been traumatized before, another scary moment overcomes your past sorrows and that is what happened to me. The attack on the Congress reminded me again of the incident of sexual harassment.


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