The blood of the three-month-old baby was white, onlookers were amazed

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

 The blood of the three-month-old baby was white, onlookers were amazed

Jaipur: Doctors were shocked to see the white color of the blood of a three-month-old baby in India. The baby was brought to the hospital on a complaint of pneumonia.

A child coming for treatment at JK Lone Hospital in Jaipur, India has become a topic of discussion among doctors as the child's blood is white instead of red.

Both RBCs and WBCs are found in a healthy human body, but after the child's illness, it has become a research issue as to how human blood can turn white and how this child is still alive.

In this regard, Ashok Gupta, former superintendent of the hospital and in-charge of Rear Disease Center, said that the child was found to have significant anemia.

According  media reports, Dr. Ashok Gupta said that at present this is the first such patient to be seen. The age of the child is said to be three months.

Doctors say this is a very unusual condition and the child is currently being treated in hospital.

Doctors say that the cholesterol level usually decreases during this age and early dyslipidemia symptoms appear which is quite impossible. The research temperature of the people who take more samples.


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