The beauty of Gwadar Cricket Stadium captivated the world

Monday, February 1, 2021

 The beauty of Gwadar Cricket Stadium captivated the world

The beautiful cricket stadium in Gwadar, Balochistan Province, has captivated the world of cricket, including the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Sultan Wasim Akram of Swing was also impressed by the beauty of Gwadar Cricket Stadium while everyone is praising the beauty of this stadium on social media.

The construction of the world's most beautiful cricket stadium in Gwadar is the result of improved security. Built at the foot of the mountains in Gwadar, this cricket stadium is further enhancing the beauty of the city. Before the stadium was built, there were ruins here, but the youth started cricket here in 1986 by building a small grand.

As the city of Gwadar progressed, the place turned from a raw field into a full-fledged stadium, now the people of Gwadar want PSL matches to be held here too so that people can watch international level cricket.

Yesterday, the ICC challenged whether there was a Gwadar cricket stadium.


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