The 12-year-old curiously swallowed 52 magnetic hairs

Sunday, February 14, 2021

 The 12-year-old curiously swallowed 52 magnetic hairs

Curiosity in man has been the center of many successes throughout history, but the results of experiments conducted in view of this curiosity have not always been positive.

Take the example of Raheel Morrison, a 12-year-old from Manchester, who asked if iron particles stuck to her stomach. 52 The magnet was deliberately swallowed and then doctors had to perform surgery to save the child's life.

Morrison swallowed the Christmas magnets to see if they were in his stomach.

The 12-year-old woke up his mother and said that he had accidentally swallowed some magnets that were still in his stomach a few days ago.

Following the baby's discovery, the mother rushed the baby to the hospital, where an X-ray report revealed that Morrison had several magnets in his abdomen.

According to Raheelli's mother, before the surgery, the doctor estimated with an X-ray that Morrison had swallowed about 25 to 30 magnets, but after the surgery he said that the number of magnets was 52.

The child told the parents and doctors after the surgery that he had deliberately swallowed the magnet just to see if it was in his stomach and how it would look after coming out of the other end.

Unfortunately, his release was terrifying, and he had to move for 10 days without moving because of the green liquid passing through Morrison's intestines. He could not move to the washroom and was fed through the catheter. Used to


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