Terrible explosion in Afghanistan

Sunday, February 14, 2021

 Terrible explosion in Afghanistan 

Gas tankers explode in Afghanistan, destroying more than 100 tankers.

A spokesman for the governor of Herat confirmed the gas tanker's explosion the previous day, saying it caused heavy damage.

A spokesman for Herat's governor said the blast destroyed more than 100 tankers and injured about 20 others.

Meanwhile, the head of the Herat Chamber of Commerce said that billions of dollars were lost due to the fire caused by the explosion of the tanker.

The fire caused by the explosion of the tanker damaged the 132 kW power transmission line coming from Iran. Due to the damage to the power transmission line, the electricity coming from Iran to Herat is suspended.

According to Afghan media, a large part of Herat is without electricity due to the blast that took place yesterday.

It is believed that the tanker exploded at the customs post in Islam Qala area of ​​Herat near the Iranian border.

Afghan officials say an investigation has been launched into the gas tanker explosion.


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