Mobile office facility for employees working online

Friday, February 12, 2021

 Mobile office facility for employees working online

To prevent the spread of the global pandemic corona virus around the world, many offices have provided employees with the facility to work from home.

Prior to the epidemic, in 2019, Japan had the facility of 'telecubes' which were installed in public places across the country so that the employees working online from home could sit here and work in comfort for their convenience.

The purpose of these telecubes was to make it easier for employees to work from anywhere, as most employees could not work on business trips and holidays.

Telecubes were placed in different parts of Japan so that employees could sit and work comfortably in any telecube near their home.

Now that the global epidemic of corona virus has gripped the world, the demand for these telecubes has increased.

These telecubes are sound proof, meaning that the occupant will not hear outside noise and noise, while they have a desk, computer, power outlets and computer video conferencing software so that the user can come here in peace. Perform official duties.

A user who works at Telecube says that it was very difficult to hold online meetings at home or at a coffee shop outside. Now this problem has been solved with this telecube.

In addition, these telecubes have a ventilation system that eliminates the risk of corona virus.


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