Miya Khalifa also spoke out on human rights violations in India

Thursday, February 4, 2021

 Miya Khalifa also spoke out on human rights violations in India

Farmers in India have been protesting against controversial agricultural laws for the past five months, but the Modi government has not heard from them. However, human rights leaders and celebrities around the world are raising their voices in favor of farmers.

Recently, former porn actress Mia Khalifa has also spoken out in favor of Indian farmers.

Posting a picture of the protesters on Twitter, he said, "How are human rights violations happening here? Have they also suspended internet in New Delhi?

In another tweet, Mia Khalifa satirized the protesting farmers, asking if they were hired actors. If so, the director has done a lot of work. I hope he will not be ignored in the award season. I am also with the farmers.

On Mia Khalifa's tweet, while many people have praised her for speaking out in support of the farmers, supporters of the Modi government have been incensed.

It is to be noted that the farmers' protest on the issue of agrarian reforms in India has been going on for 5 months and thousands of farmers have been holding sit-ins in different parts of the Indian capital New Delhi. Farmers claim that more than 100 protesters have been missing since January 26.

Recently, the Indian government also suspended internet service in the areas surrounding the protests.

The farmers' protest has now garnered international attention and is being voiced in their favor by other personalities, including American singer Rehana and young climate change activist Greta Thunberg, which is increasing the Modi government's notoriety.


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