If Iran is not stopped, it will build an atomic bomb in a few weeks, raising US concerns

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

 If Iran is not stopped, it will build an atomic bomb in a few weeks, raising US concerns

The return of the nuclear deal will be the most difficult challenge for Biden

The United States suffers more than Israel fears Iran, and then Saudi Arabia is at odds with Iran. But the interesting thing about this whole situation is Iran's nuclear program, which the Biden administration has to stop We have to push. Because Iran is close to building an atomic bomb and this has increased the concern of the United States.

In his first interview since taking office, Blankenship has expressed concern about the rapid progress of Iran's nuclear program. It will move closer to its goal by lifting further sanctions, and building a nuclear weapon will be a matter of weeks.

Iran is fast becoming a nuclear power and closer to it. Trump unilaterally scrapped a nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Iran under his predecessor, President Obama, and the pressure mounted. The toughest sanctions were imposed on Iran in 2018. However, President Biden has hinted at renegotiating with Iran on the condition that he abide by the previous agreement after coming to power.

In this regard, two days ago, Iranian Foreign Office spokesman Saeed Khatibzada had clarified that the talks with the United States will not be like the situation in 2015 and now just signing will not restore the old conditions. Regarding the foreign minister's statement on Iran's nuclear capability, observers say that President Biden must also create an atmosphere in his country to start talks with Iran, which is a policy challenge for him and on the other hand. He also faces the pressure that if Iran manages to develop a nuclear weapon in spite of all sanctions, the situation in the region and the world will change dramatically, so the Biden administration is trying to get Iran to negotiate as soon as possible. Be brought to

But the challenge is even more difficult for Biden, as Iran plans to meet enough conditions to return to the 2015 nuclear deal.


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