Discussions of Pakistani female doctor in America

Friday, February 5, 2021

 Discussions of Pakistani female doctor in America

The US embassy called him a 'cardiac wizard' and shared a post on Facebook praising him.

Washington: Dr. Hina Chaudhry, a Pakistani national living in the United States, has been declared a hero for his services in the field of medicine. According to the details, a post has been shared by the US embassy on the social networking website Facebook, in which a tribute to the Pakistani doctor has been given the title of 'Cardiac Magician'.

The US Embassy writes that Dr. Hina Chaudhry Nasir is not only a cardiologist but also a scientist and researcher who introduced an innovative approach to muscle development in patients suffering from heart attack. Is now being tested on different patients, which is also proving to be very useful.

According to the Facebook post of the US Embassy, ​​Dr. Hina Chaudhry's name is also among the important officials of the National Institute of Health while she also received the award of the National Research Service.

It has been reported that Dr. Hina Chaudhry is one of the 20 most influential Muslim women in the world. On the other hand, excellent employment opportunities have been created for Pakistani doctors and nurses. According to the Overseas Employment Corporation of Pakistan, the Kuwaiti government has demanded 600 doctors and medical staff from Pakistan. Has reached Kuwait to counter

The Pakistani medical staff consists of 41 doctors, 131 nurses and 24 technicians who will serve in various hospitals in Kuwait. Kuwaiti Ambassador to Pakistan Nassar Al-Mutairi thanked the Pakistani government for sending the medical staff.  Kuwait has demanded 1,000 doctors and paramedical staff by June 2021, according to the Pakistan Overseas Employment Corporation. The Kuwaiti government has been demanding specialists in various health sectors for the past two months. I have been advertised four times in this regard.


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