Actress Zoya's German YouTuber friend has converted to Islam

Saturday, February 6, 2021

 Actress Zoya's German YouTuber friend has converted to Islam

Christine Batesman, a German YouTuber friend of Zoya Nasir who has shown the essence of acting in Pakistani dramas, has converted to Islam.

German YouTuber Christine Batesman uploaded a video on her YouTube channel in which she described her conversion to Islam.

Christine Batesman's conversion to Islam is being greeted by her Pakistani fans, while actress Zoya Nasir is also looking very happy with her friend's decision.

According to Christine Batesman, she created a YouTube channel in December last year, after which she spent almost a year in Pakistan.

During this year, I met many great people who taught me a lot about religion and lifestyle,   he said.

"Because I grew up in Europe, the word Islam was always associated with negativity, war and terrorism, but I was never a religious person, so I didn't care what people thought," he added.

Islam is a religion of peace and I feel deeply attached to it,   'he said.


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