2,000-year-old Buddhist relics recovered from Najigram in Swat

Thursday, February 11, 2021

 2,000-year-old Buddhist relics recovered from Najigram in Swat

2,000-year-old Buddhist relics have been found in the Najigram area of ​​Swat, after which the provincial government began excavations.

The Swat Valley has been the cradle of various cultural and social values, with Buddhist and Kushan relics found in various parts of the country.

Recently, 2,000-year-old artifacts have been found in a wide area in Najigram where the Archaeological Department has started excavations.

"During the excavations, we found four stupas belonging to the early Buddhist complex, as well as monasteries, monasteries and assembly halls and fresco paintings, which are the oldest paintings in Gandhara," officials said.

Officials said the excavation would continue for three to four months, after which the area would be secured.

Archaeologists say the discovery of the archeological site will not only boost tourism but also facilitate research.

According to archaeologists, these archeological sites of the Kushan period are 2,000 years old and excavations are currently underway.


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