20-year-old girl gang-raped in Lahore Mozang, further revelations during interrogation

Saturday, February 6, 2021

 20-year-old girl gang-raped in Lahore Mozang, further revelations during interrogation

The victim's father had lodged a complaint of possession of property on the Prime Minister's Citizen Portal, after which the accused tarnished the honor of the innocent girl. Police have so far failed to resolve the property issue.

A heartbreaking incident of gang rape of a 20-year-old girl in Lahore Mozang, further revelations during interrogation. According to details, further revelations have come to light during the investigation of the tragic incident of alleged gang rape of a 20-year-old girl in Mozang area of ​​Lahore. Police registered a case against two named accused Ehsan and Hassan on the complaint of the girl and arrested them.

A statement from the victim's father to police said the suspects were occupying half of her house and were trying to seize the entire house.The accused threatened him. In all these circumstances, when the Prime Minister requested the portal to release the possession of the house, the accused fled and raped the daughter.

However, it was also revealed that the police did not mention the issue of possession of property in the case registered against the accused. The victim's family is demanding not only justice for their daughter but also a settlement of the property dispute. It should be noted that the rate of rape cases reported in the country during the last few months has increased alarmingly.

After the motorway rape case in Lahore, the people across the country launched a campaign demanding public execution or harsher punishments for rape accused. The Prime Minister and several ministers also supported the demand. As a result of a public campaign, a few weeks ago, the federal cabinet approved the immediate enactment of the "Constriction Act" to curb the rising incidence of rape. Cabinet members agreed that there was no need to seek the consent or consent of international bodies for the punishment of constriction.According to the members, those who abuse children and women do not deserve concessions.


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