Will Sujal, Imran Khan and Jaima work in a love film?

Thursday, January 14, 2021

 Will Sujal, Imran Khan and Jaima work in a love film?
  • Sujal Ali, one of Pakistan's leading actresses, has been away from the showbiz project since her marriage to actor Ahad Raza Mir last year. However, it was said that many of the actress' projects are in the pipeline.
  • Now news is circulating about actress Sajjal Ali that she will be working in a film to be produced by former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan and British film producer Jaime Goldsmith.
  • Haroon Rashid, a journalist with the British Broadcasting Corporation, tweeted in this regard.
  • The journalist wrote in a tweet that 'rumors are circulating that Sajjal Ali is in London for the shooting of' What Love Got To Do With It 'directed by Shekhar Kapoor and directed by Jaima Productions. Thompson, Lily James and Shehzad Latif are also involved. Contact Sajjal Ali's correspondent for confirmation. 
  • Reacting to Haroon Rasheed's tweet, Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar replied that it is a surprise, one cannot wait to see this film.
  • Mehr Tarar further wrote that Sajjal is very talented, everything related to this film is amazing, Mehr Tarar also expressed good wishes for every person related to the film.
  • So far, no confirmation or denial has been made by actress Sujal Ali and Jaima Goldsmith, but Jaima has liked Mehr Tard's tweet.
  • The film produced by Jaime Goldsmith will begin shooting in London.
  • According to a foreign news agency, the story of the movie What Leave Got to Do with him has been written by Jima Khan herself who has been inspired by the story of her love and marriage with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.
  •  The film's director Shekhar Kapoor has made several Bollywood and Hollywood films, including the popular film Mr. India.


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