WhatsApp's new move to satisfy users on privacy concerns

Thursday, January 28, 2021

 WhatsApp's new move to satisfy users on privacy concerns

  • Due to changes in privacy, users are increasingly abandoning the use of WhatsApp, and WhatsApp is working to address and prevent such users' concerns.
  • WhatsApp has announced that it will now stay in touch with users directly through the status feature in the app.
  • In this regard, four statuses have been uploaded by WhatsApp, which is at the top of the users' status option. According to First Stats, WhatsApp management says it will keep users informed of more features and updates in the Stats section.
  • WhatsApp has stated in the next status that a new thing that is not new is our commitment to your privacy.
  • In the third status of the WhatsApp, users have been told to keep an eye out for more updates.
  • Next and last status WhatsApp has once again explained to users that WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted. Calls or messages cannot be heard or viewed by any third party, including WhatsApp.


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