Video: The reality of a witch herding goats in Khanpur

Saturday, January 23, 2021

 Video: The reality of a witch herding goats in Khanpur

  • In Khanpur, people caught a goat herder disguised as a witch and handed him over to police.
  • The people of Jatki Basti in Khanpur village thought that there was a witch in their village who grazed their goats. According to people, as soon as the sun went down, they would hear the sound of croaking in the Senate, which spread panic in the area.
  • It was a sign of witchcraft in the area that people stopped going out day and night. However, some youths of the said village thought of finding this witch.

  • On Thursday, when the character was grazing goats in the dark of night, the youths caught him. People thought she was a woman. However, when the truth came out, it was revealed that he was a man who used to steal and sell local goats in the guise of a woman.
  • Locals arrested the accused and handed him over to police. Police officials said that a case of fraud and theft would be registered against the accused.


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