Video of Indian tourist raping a 15-year-old girl in Afghanistan also went viral

Sunday, January 3, 2021

 Video of Indian tourist raping a 15-year-old girl in Afghanistan also went viral

  • Successive incidents of rape in India have increased the sense of insecurity among women and the legislation of the Indian government has not been able to stop the perpetrators and now the crime of rape by Indian citizens in other countries has also increased. Is happening
  • Last week, an Indian tourist raped a 15-year-old Afghan girl in Kabul and posted a video of the incident on social media, according to foreign media.
  • Afghan police say the incident took place on December 28 in the Afghan city of Kabul. Accused Deep Dasai allegedly forced the girl to remain silent, threatening serious consequences, and the victim could not report the incident to anyone out of fear.
  • Later, the accused also posted the video on social media after which the police have arrested one accused.
  • Indian Defense Attach  SK Narain was recently deported from Kabul for raping an Afghan girl.
  • On the other hand, the video of an American woman who was raped in India in 2013 and spent a decade outside the Indian Consulate in San Francisco has also gone viral.
  • The American woman was raped by the nephew of the former mayor of Delhi. Accused Rajiv Panwar has been granted bail in recent days.
  •  The woman made a video outside the consulate to show the real face of India to the world. The victim said that the corrupt judges of India have given bail to the accused. The Indian bureaucracy protects the rapists and the corrupt judges. It will continue to fight against the perpetrators and those who guarantee them.
  • It should be noted that millions of girls and women are sexually abused in India every year and rape is the fourth largest crime in India.
  •  In most cases of abuse, the Indian police convict the victims.


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