There will be signs of a new war in the world. An important prediction came to light

Saturday, January 30, 2021

 There will be signs of a new war in the world. An important prediction came to light

In February, 5 planets Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will come together, which could lead to serious tensions in the world. The situation in our region is also likely to be tense, astronomer Professor Ghani Javed warned

ISLAMABAD: Signs of a new war are predicted to emerge in the world after February 11. According to the details, the country's famous astronomer Professor Ghani Javed has revealed that on February 11, 5 planets will come together, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. There will be signs in the region, there will be news every day, as a result of which it is seen that tensions are being created here, when the accumulation of these planets and any kind of tension in the world. Can

In a program on a private TV channel, he said that the planets first came together in 1962, when they came together. When they came, the war of 1965 came after their arrival and 1971 came after them, so their reunion seems to be creating a serious situation once again.

Meanwhile, Sami Ibrahim, the anchor person, said that before the planets came together, tensions had arisen between Russia and the United States, leading to fears of missile strikes, mainly from the Cuban-US conflict. It started, but it raised fears of a world war. Earlier, astronomer Professor Javed Ghani had said that a major financial crisis was imminent in the United States in March. The financial crisis would be so severe that it could have a negative impact on the United States as a superpower. As a result of the policies I have read about the situation in the United States, a major financial crisis is coming to the United States in March, which will severely affect the United States.

He said that even in the current situation, there is great bitterness, The convergence of the stars and their inclination indicate that events may occur, but they are possible. but the financial crisis in March, the United States As a superpower, the stars of US President Trump and the next president Joe Biden are mixed. What happens in March is not the responsibility of Trump or Joe Biden but of the policies of the United States for the last 25 years. The result will be.


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