The secret behind these little fish dishes

Sunday, January 24, 2021

 The secret behind these little fish dishes

  • Different styles of food are prepared in each region of the world which is also the identity of this place and today we tell you about a special dish.
  • We all know that dumplings are made in all sizes and shapes, but have you ever eaten dumplings that look like fish?

  • Recently, these small fish-like dumplings from Taiwan have become the center of attention on social media because they are not only the best in appearance but also in taste.
  • These fish-like dumplings are stuffed with carrots, prawns, garlic and other spices and shaped like a fish with the help of straws, chopsticks and scissors.
  • Orange is also added to the flour to make these dumplings look like fish.
  • About 40,000 likes and thousands of comments have been received so far on the Facebook post of Manman Cheng, who makes unique dumplings in Taiwan.


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