The North Korean leader acknowledged the failures

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

 The North Korean leader acknowledged the failures

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has acknowledged his failures in the country's deteriorating economic situation.
  • According to foreign media reports, Kim acknowledged in a statement to North Korea's state media that the country's economic development plan has failed miserably in almost all areas.
  • The North Korean leader described the past five years as "unprecedented" for the country's worst situation.
  • Kim Jong Un said that the only way to overcome the various challenges facing us with certainty and speed is to do our best with our self-confidence and our strength.
  • The North Korean leader said that as a result of the economic strategy of the past five years, our goals in all areas have not been achieved.
  • Where there have been mistakes in our experiences and in our work, we will do an in-depth analysis of the whole situation, Kim said.
  • Relations between the United States and North Korea have been strained since the US president and Kim's meeting, while North Korea has closed its borders to avoid the corona virus, which has further isolated it. ۔


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