The cousin fired in celebration of the wedding, which resulted in the groom being shot

Friday, January 29, 2021

 The cousin fired in celebration of the wedding, which resulted in the groom being shot

The groom, who was injured in the aerial firing, was rushed to hospital in critical condition, a case was registered

Muzaffargarh: The bridegroom was severely injured in the aerial firing at the wedding. According to the details, firing at the wedding ceremonies has now become common. A similar incident took place in Muzaffargarh where a happy wedding ceremony turned into a mourning ceremony due to firing. 

It was reported that aerial firing took place at a wedding ceremony in Karmadad Qureshi area of   Muzaffargarh in which the bridegroom Irfan was seriously injured. The bridegroom was shifted to DHQ hospital in critical condition. Police sources said that aerial firing was carried out by the cousin of the bridegroom. And it was done by other relatives.

A case has been registered in Qureshi police station at the instigation of Irfan's mother and raids are being carried out to arrest the accused.

The police will also investigate whether the bullet was fired from the accused unintentionally or not. According to sources, the wedding ceremony was held at Gulshan View Apartment on Abul Hassan Isfahani Road in Gulzar Hijri area of   Karachi six days ago.

The wedding ceremony lasted for two hours and was attended by several guests including local party officials and apartment dwellers. The wedding ceremony lasted for two hours, during which local officials of the political party opened fire in the air with small and large weapons, causing the area to resound with a flurry of bullets. Gunmen attending the wedding continued firing in the air during the cultural dance, and police remained silent spectators.

Surprisingly, a few steps away from this place is a floating police outpost which has the status of a police station while at the same time there is an office of the SP. Despite the presence of the officials, the officials remained silent spectators, the people present at the wedding continued firing openly, no action was taken against them and no police personnel reached there.


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