The corona virus has become deadly, damaging the human brain

Sunday, January 10, 2021

 The corona virus has become deadly, damaging the human brain

  • Affects kidneys, lungs and heart as well as brain, new study reveals alarming findings
  • WASHINGTON: Experts have no answer as to how terrible the corona virus is and which organs of the human body it affects the most. I was told that it affects a person's kidneys or lungs which causes a person to have difficulty breathing and die.
  • However, as time went on, more and more revelations came to light that it affects the heart and as soon as the immune system hits, it envelops even more important organs of the human being. However, now medical experts also It has been revealed that the corona virus affects the human brain the most, which makes a person more vulnerable.
  • There have been a number of patients who have recovered from the corona virus but still have coronavirus infections.
  • The results that medical experts have seen so far are that the corona virus is affecting the brain, but how to control it and how deadly it will be in the future, medical experts seem to be silent and There is no possible solution. Experts say that the effects of corona virus will last for a long time, patients will recover but still they will not be able to be completely free from the grip of this virus.
  • Experts believe that Corona's patients lose their sense of smell and taste because Corona has affected their brains.
  • Because the virus has penetrated their nerves. According to William A. Banks, a professor at the University of Washington's School of Medicine, it breaks down the blood barrier of the human brain, which severely affects the human brain.
  • When the virus takes control of the cerebral nerves, it also loses contact with the immune system. So the easiest and most useful solution is to exercise caution. Use a mask while following Corona SOPs and maintain social distance so that you are protected from the attack of this deadly virus. be safe.


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