South Korea sends warship to Iran

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

 South Korea sends warship to Iran

  • The situation in the region became more tense after the capture of a Korean ship by Iran yesterday
  • Pyongyang: South Korea sent its warship to Iran. According to the details provided by the foreign news agency, the situation in the region has become more tense after the capture of the Korean ship by Iran yesterday. South Korea responded immediately after capturing its ship and taking its crew hostage.
  • South Korea has sent its state-of-the-art warship to Iran, which has reached the Persian Gulf. It is said that the incident took place a few days before the visit of the South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister to Tehran. The Iranian Foreign Ministry has also confirmed the visit of the South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister and said that it was in South Korea. The issue of  7 billion dollar in frozen Iranian funds will be discussed.
  • South Korea confiscated the money after US sanctions were imposed. According to yesterday's incident, the South Korean flagship was en route to the United Arab Emirates, but instead headed for Iranian territorial waters, after which the Revolutionary Guards navy seized the ship. Transferred to Bandar Abbas port.
  • Iran's official and semi-official media sources claim that the Revolutionary Guards navy has intercepted a South Korean ship accused of contaminating Gulf waters with chemicals. The seized tanker is loaded with 7200 tons of ethanol. The tanker's crew includes citizens of South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.


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