Shruti Haasan's new affair came to light

Friday, January 29, 2021

 Shruti Haasan's new affair came to light

Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan has just celebrated her 35th birthday. On this occasion, she posted a picture on Instagram, which has led to new rumors about her affair.

Yesterday, Shruti posted a picture on her Instagram story in which she is standing between her 2 friends.

Meanwhile, one of his friends, Santano Hazarika, who is a tattoo artist, also posted the same photo on Instagram, while in another post, Santano Hazarika shared a photo congratulating Shruti on her birthday, in which the two of them kissed each other. In another post, he called Shruti a 'princess' and wished her a happy birthday.

After these pictures came to light, news spread in the Indian media that Shruti has fallen in love once again and Santano Hazarika is her boyfriend.

 Today another video is going viral on social media in which Santano Hazarika and Shruti can be seen coming together at the airport, then Shruti would wait for them and then Santano Hazarika would run to them and hand them tickets. It looks like she forgot her ticket.

News of the affair between Shruti and Santano Hazarika has been further strengthened after the release of this video.

Earlier, Haroon was with her friend Michael Corsell, but in 2019, the two parted ways.


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