Search for missing Indonesian passenger plane completed

Sunday, January 10, 2021

 Search for missing Indonesian passenger plane completed

  • The passenger plane crashed into Indonesian waters, officials said, adding that the wreckage had been found.
  • Jakarta: A missing Indonesian passenger plane was found, the passenger plane crashed in Indonesian waters, Navy ships were sent to the crash site of the plane. According to the details, the missing Indonesian passenger plane crashed.
  • The Boeing 737, flying from Jakarta, disappeared from radar four minutes after takeoff.
  • The plane was carrying 62 passengers, including six crew members. It is reported that the flight was delayed due to stormy weather, however, despite the bad weather, the plane flew and then disappeared from the radar a few minutes later.
  • The passenger plane was 27 years old. A statement from Flight Radar said the plane disappeared from radar four minutes after takeoff.
  • According to the radar, the plane came down from an altitude of 10,000 feet. The plane was en route from Jakarta to the western province when it went missing. Meanwhile, Indonesia has confirmed that the plane crashed into the sea near the capital Jakarta and its wreckage has been found. Indonesian officials say parts of the wreckage have been found at sea and it is suspected that the plane crashed. Teams have been dispatched by sea north of Jakarta to search for the plane. It is feared that all the people on the plane have been killed.


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