China's 'rocket plane' will take passengers from Beijing to New York in just 1 hour

Sunday, January 30, 2022

BEIJING: A Chinese company has announced that it is working on a "winged rocket" that will carry passengers from Beijing to New York in just one hour.

It will have all the features of a rocket as well as a passenger plane.

The Chinese company Space Transportation, which makes it, says that the rocket-shaped aircraft will be able to deliver passengers to distant destinations in a very short time in the future, as well as launch satellites into space orbit.

It will be placed at the bottom of a large plane and raised to a considerable height. Once there, it will be released and the rocket will start its engine and start flying towards the destination at lightning speed.

It will fly at a speed of 7000 kilometers per hour, and will carry its passengers from Beijing to New York in one hour.

And it will spend most of its time in space, and it will be useful in space tourism if needed. When it reaches the destination, it will land vertically like a rocket.

And know that space travel and delivery of various equipment in space is very expensive at the moment. Dozens of projects, such as "airplanes" and reusable space rockets, have been under way in various countries over the past several decades to reduce these costs, but so far none of them have been successful.

Space Transportation has not yet released details of the project.

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