Palestinian prisoner dies after 14 years in Israeli prison

Friday, January 22, 2021

 Palestinian prisoner dies after 14 years in Israeli prison

  • A Palestinian prisoner who had been imprisoned in Israel for 14 years has died suddenly.

  • According to the Arab News Agency, a support group of Palestinian prisoners said that no cause of death has been found so far for the death of a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli prison.

  • According to the Prisoners' Commission, a 45-year-old Palestinian prisoner from the Occupied West Bank was held in a Tel Aviv prison and died on Wednesday after being vaccinated against the corona virus on Tuesday.

  • The commission said the Palestinian prisoner was the father of six children and had already suffered from some illnesses, so no specific cause of death has been identified so far.

  • Palestinian prisoner groups have blamed Israel for the prisoner's death, saying Israel is responsible for the lives and health of all Palestinians in Israeli jails.

  • According to media reports, the Palestinian prisoner who died in an Israeli prison had been in prison since 2006 and was serving his 25-year sentence.


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