Last Rituals of WhatsApp!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

 Last Rituals of WhatsApp!

  • Users around the world have been worried about WhatsApp forcing its new privacy policy and are looking at other apps for free messaging, video calling and voice calling.
  • Telegram and Signal tops the list of messaging, video and other voice calling apps that are becoming increasingly popular these days and many people are looking at them as an alternative to the WhatsApp.
  • Users on social media sites are voicing their anger and concern over WhatsApp's new policy, and Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, is being criticized and memes are being created on WhatsApp.
  • In such a situation, a satire has also been posted on Twitter by Telegram, the post shows the famous coffin bearers of Ghana who are carrying the funeral of WhatsApp while dancing and the privacy policy of WhatsApp in front of the coffin. The message is displayed.
  • In another tweet, Telegram urged users not to worry, there is a cure and the cure is to delete the WhatsApp.
  • Note that last week, WhatsApp changed its privacy rules, under which WhatsApp user information will now be shared with Facebook and its other companies.
  • Users will not be able to use the WhatsApp until they accept the new policy.
  • On the other hand, WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart has criticized the change in privacy policy, saying that messages and calls in WhatsApp are still "end to end encrypted" and this feature is not being changed.


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