It took 3 years for the woman who was declared dead to prove herself alive

Monday, January 18, 2021

It took 3 years for the woman who was declared dead to prove herself alive

  • The 58-year-old French woman was mistakenly pronounced dead by a court during a long-running dispute with a former employee, after which she has been trying to prove herself alive for three years.

  • Jean Pauchen, a French citizen, was declared dead in 2017 by a Labor court on information provided by former employees.

  • For three years after being pronounced dead, the woman has been trying to prove that she is alive.

  • A decade-long lawsuit between Pauchin and his former employees ended after the court ruling, but Pauchin's loss of citizenship destroyed the French woman's life.

  • After the verdict, the woman's official record was destroyed and not only that, but Jane Pouchen had to wash her hands of her ID card, driver's license, medical insurance, bank account, everything, after which she is now posing as dead.

  • In 2000, Jane Pouchen's cleaning company had to lay off some of its employees after a huge contract expired, prompting a lawsuit against the company by an employee.

  • In 2004, a court ordered Pouchen's company to pay 14,000 euros in damages for firing employees, but the decision was against Pauchen's company instead of Pouchen's, which is why Pauchen did not comply. went.

  • Five years later, the former employee appealed again, assuring the court of Chen Pau's death, after which the court declared the woman dead and ordered her husband and son to pay damages.

  • It's a crazy story because I couldn't believe it. I never thought a judge would declare someone dead without a certificate, Pouchen's lawyer said. Believe it or not, no servant checked.

  • When I met with my lawyer, he told me that the matter would be settled soon because there is a doctor's certificate that I am still alive, but since the court had ruled, the certificate alone is enough, Jane Pauchin told a foreign news agency. was not.

  • According to Jane Pauchin, she is still afraid to go out if she does not have to reveal her identity, and that is only because the court ended her life on paper.


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