How to remove Trump from power? The speaker laid out the plan

Monday, January 11, 2021

 How to remove Trump from power? The speaker laid out the plan
  • Washington: Democrats have finalized their plan to remove US President Trump from office.
  • According to foreign media, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi presented the final plan to oust President Trump to the legislators, under which the process of removing Trump from the presidency will begin before the impeachment.
  • According to media reports the House of Representatives will vote on a resolution calling on US Vice President Mike Pence to oust Trump if the plan fails. If so, Democrats will present a charge sheet on Trump's controversial role in the Capitol Hill attack.
  • According to media reports Democrats are expected to implement the plan on Monday.
  • According to foreign media, Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday sent a letter to the legislators informing them of the plan to formally request the Vice President to remove the US President under the 25th Amendment resolution.
  • According to media reports, the resolution will give US Vice President Mike Pence the power to remove Trump and become acting president himself.
  • Nancy Pelosi said in her letter that this would be the first step in removing Trump, after which Democrats in the House will take action on the impeachment motion.
  • Nancy Pelosi said that in order to protect the US Constitution and democracy, we will implement this plan immediately because Trump's presence in the office of the US President is a great threat to the US & democracy.
  • It should be noted that on January 7, supporters of US President Trump attacked the US Parliament building after the election defeat in which 4 people were killed, while the US President encouraged his supporters to do so, after which Twitter His personal account has also been permanently blocked, while Trump's posts on Facebook and Instagram have also been blocked.


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