France attacks Islamic State of Mali, 20 killed, several injured

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

 France attacks Islamic State of Mali, 20 killed, several injured

  • The airstrikes were carried out on militant hideouts based on intelligence information, France claims, the dead were civilians: local government
  • Mali: French warplanes bombed a wedding party in the African country of Mali, killing 20 people and wounding several others. According to a report by a foreign news agency, French warplanes attacked a village 600 kilometers away from the capital of Mali, Bamako. A house was hit by a French plane, killing 20 people.
  • In this regard, the spokesman of the French army has claimed that the air strike was carried out on the hideout of the militants based on the information obtained on the basis of intelligence, in which there was no loss of life and property of the civilians. The local government has denied the allegations, saying French planes hit a house where the wedding was taking place and that the dead were unarmed villagers.
  • It is believed that the UN mission in Mali has also confirmed the air strike on the village, but did not release any details. It should be noted that just the other day, ISIS had claimed to have killed two French army personnel during an operation in Mali and this French air strike is being termed as an act of revenge for its personnel. However, the French government has kept quiet about the French move.


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