Following the increase in corona cases, the Dubai government has imposed a number of emergency sanctions

Saturday, January 23, 2021

 Following the increase in corona cases, the Dubai government has imposed a number of emergency sanctions

  • Only 10 people will be able to attend wedding ceremonies, new restrictions have been imposed on restaurants and cafes, and a new social distance code has been introduced in gyms and fitness clubs.

  • Dubai: The Corona epidemic in the United Arab Emirates has reached a point where it has not been seen in the past one year. Over the past three days, more than 3,500 corona cases have been reported daily. After which all hospitals in Dubai have been banned from performing minor operations for a month. Two days ago, recreational activities were completely banned in all restaurants and hotels.

  • However, this series of government measures has not stopped yet. The Dubai government has announced more emergencies. The Dubai Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management has announced that a new social distance regulation has been implemented at all food points in the state, under which the distance between tables will now be at least 3 meters. These were instructions to keep the distance to 2 meters.

  • According to the order, a maximum of seven people will now be allowed to sit at a table in restaurants. Earlier, 10 people were allowed to sit at one table. In any cafe, only 4 people can sit at a table, no more than that will be allowed. The government has also imposed significant restrictions on private and social events and weddings in hotels and homes.

  • Under the order, only 10 people can now stay in all types of venues. Only ten close relatives will be allowed to accompany the company at the wedding. The Dubai Economy and Dubai Sports Council have announced that all Fitness centers and gyms have also undergone a change in the social distance regulation, with exercise machinery and equipment on a daily basis of 3 meters. What is the distance? Earlier the distance was fixed at 2 meters.


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