Father's abuse of 4 daughters revealed in Hyderabad

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

 Father's abuse of 4 daughters revealed in Hyderabad

  • Ismail Rind was taken into custody at the request of his daughter
  • An alleged rape of a father's four daughters has been revealed in Hussainabad area of   Hyderabad. Ismail Rind, the father of a girl named Hasna, has been arrested in an alleged rape case. It has been reported that the father has allegedly raped his four daughters in this area.
  • Provincial Minister for Women Syeda Shehla Raza took notice of the alleged abduction of four sisters from Hyderabad and contacted IG Sindh. On the instructions of Shehla Raza, Hyderabad police took immediate action and recovered four sisters including Hasna Rind. One of the victims lodged a complaint with the police against her father.
  • Police arrested the father at the request of Hasna Rind.
  • According to the girl, the father used to rape his daughters. SSP Abdul Salam said that the father Ismail Rind has been taken into custody and given medical treatment. The operation was carried out after receiving a written request from Hasna Rind. He said that further investigation has been started in this case. All aspects will be reviewed in a legal manner. If found guilty, the accused will be punished according to law.
  • It may be recalled that yesterday, in Mughalpura area of   Lahore, a step-grandfather raped his 2-year-old granddaughter. A woman named Kulsoom requested the police to register a case in which it was stated that The one-year-old girl left the house of a close relative and went out for some work, but when she returned and reached to pick up the girl, she found out that the girl's stepfather had sexually abused her and fled. It was informed that after receiving a request from the victim's mother, the police registered a case and later took action and arrested the accused from Melsi area of   Vehari.


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