Donald Trump left the White House, what did he say in the last message?

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

 Donald Trump left the White House, what did he say in the last message?

  • US President Donald Trump leaves the White House, the presidency of the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump has come to an end.
  • Shortly before the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden, Donald Trump left for Florida, after President Trump had refused to attend Joe Biden's inauguration.
  • Before leaving the White House, Trump released his last speech as president on YouTube.
  • US President Trump granted special pardons to 143 people in the last moments of his term. Melania Trump also wrote a note of thanks to the White House administration.
  •  It also pardoned 73 people, including a former White House adviser, and reduced the sentences of 70 more.
  • What did Trump say in his last statement?
  • In his final statement, Trump said he was proud to be the first US president in decades not to start a new war.
  • Donald Trump also expressed good wishes for the new US administration.
  • We've created a new space force, we've restructured the US military, we've seen the stock market rise, we've seen the biggest increase in the stock market, we've seen the biggest tax cuts in US history, Trump said. If it weren't for the Corona epidemic, there would be a historic growth in the US economy. The rapid delivery of the Corona vaccine is a unique feat in our time. There were many problems, but we overcame those obstacles successfully.
  • Everything we've done so well in our time, you all have your say, we'll see you in a different form soon, Trump said.


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