Corona patients understand human!

Monday, January 4, 2021

 Corona patients understand human!

  • Death is an inescapable reality that everyone must enjoy in every situation. It is up to my Lord to decide who should be given how much life. Sickness and healing also come from my Lord and we should give thanks to our Lord in every situation.
  • Our religion teaches us patience and prayer in case of illness, trouble, difficulty and trial. Islam also teaches us to be content with the pleasure of Allah Almighty. If there are difficulties, troubles and trials in life, then there will be ease, better and better days.
  • It is also our belief that the destiny of all of us has been decided. Ever since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, it has created a worldwide fear that is unprecedented. However, unlike in the past, the intensity of this fear has decreased.
  • Although the second current wave of Corona is proving more dangerous than the first, many of us think that death comes only from Corona and that if we survive Corona then we will never die. Is.
  • Corona's fear has always been and is that the way her patients were treated always hurt me and I thought that when a patient is considered untouchable, no one is willing to go near him. Will be.
  • Doctors would either look at such patients from afar and prescribe treatment, or if they approached, they would dress like those worn by space missionaries. I found this strange. Until I fell victim to Corona myself.
  • I wonder how a corona patient who is considered untouchable, who is placed in an environment that is psychologically very negative for the patient and makes him or her more ill, can be cured.
  • For the same reasons, large numbers of people stopped reporting Corona patients to the government and began pushing for symptomatic treatment in their own homes.
  • When my corona test was positive on December 1, 2020, I was not upset, with the hope that, like many other patients, I would go through the disease with some minor symptoms, but this did not happen in my case and on me. There were two severe Corona attacks, which he mentioned in his last few columns published during the war.
  • The purpose of this column is to acquaint the reader with the experience I had as a corona patient, which was very different from the terrifying and frightening environment I described above in the column.
  • I have had an allergy problem for many years for which I have been showing Dr. Shazli Manzoor for the last few years. Dr. Shazli is an Allergy, Asthma, TB, Lung Cancer, Chest Specialist and Pulmonologist. When I had corona, I contacted the doctor. My treatment started, the disease got worse and I had to stay in the hospital for several days.
  • As I have stated above that sickness and healing come only from Allah Almighty and I thank my Lord a million times that Allah gave me health after the severe illness of Corona and inshaAllah I will complete it very soon I will recover, but what impressed me most as a Corona patient was the attitude of Dr. Shazli and his team, in which neither I nor other patients like me were treated as untouchables.
  • I always saw Dr. Sahib wearing a double mask but he touched me many times like a normal patient and wiped my sweat. The same was true of her other doctors and nursing staff. This attitude had a very positive effect on me psychologically which can be very important for any patient.
  • One day I asked Dr. Shazli why he did this and he told me that from the first day he started treating Corona patients, he decided that he would take all possible precautions but not his patient. Don't give the impression of being untouchable.
  • He said that on the first day he talked to his family and said that a disease has come in his life which is dangerous, it can affect them too but this is a great opportunity of human service from Allah Almighty for them. Which they do not want to lose in any way, even if it endangers their own lives.
  • Dr. Shazli said that with the same intention, he spoke to his team of doctors and nursing staff and added them to his team, who treated Corona patients not as untouchables but as ordinary patients with the same sympathy and possible care. Be able to cure.
  • Many doctors and nursing staff across Pakistan have sacrificed their lives in the treatment of Corona, but there are also a large number of doctors who still consider Corona patients untouchable.
  • Nowadays I have to go to Dr. Shazli every week for follow up. He sees dozens of Corona patients daily, examining them in a normal way, which in my view is a commendable practice that should be practiced by our medical professionals all over Pakistan.


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