Company employees fined for using the bathroom more than once

Friday, January 8, 2021

 Company employees fined for using the bathroom more than once

  • Every company makes its own rules for employees and it is the duty of all employees to follow them and it falls under their category of job.
  • Recently, a Chinese company has enacted a unique law for employees, under which an employee can use the bathroom only once in the office and is being fined for going to the bathroom a second time.
  • Chinese company ANPU Electric Science and Technology has announced a policy for its employees that they will only go to the bathroom once at work and the second time they go to the bathroom, they will be paid 20 yuan (3 3). You have to pay a fine.
  • The notice issued by the company is going viral on social media and consumers are also expressing their anger over it.
  • Under the law, seven employees of the Chinese company have been fined so far.
  • The company management says that they have implemented this law because the employees are getting very slow and they go to the bathroom to smoke and avoid work. We are helpless because the employees work. I'm too lazy.

  • The company added that it was better to enforce the law than to fire employees because it is more difficult for us to find another employee.


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