America has no credibility, so we have to be ready for war

Sunday, January 10, 2021

 America has no credibility, so we have to be ready for war

  • North Korea hints at developing dangerous nuclear weapons
  • PYONGYANG: North Korea's pace of building a nuclear weapon has been so high that it has not even formulated an economic policy, and the North Korean leader acknowledged the mistake at a key party meeting a few days ago. He also took the position that the United States is our enemy and the departure of Trump and the arrival of Biden will not change his basic policy, so we must be ready at all times because the United States can make any decision at any time.
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has said that the United States is our biggest enemy and will build more nuclear weapons to counter its aggression. According to the World News Agency, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un He called on the United States to develop as many nuclear weapons as possible.
  • We need to be fully prepared to counter US aggression, so we will further develop nuclear weapons and increase nuclear assets,    'Kim Jong Un said.If the United States agrees to resolve issues through negotiations and changes its aggressive policy. So relationships can improve.
  • There have been two important and historic meetings between US President Trump and the North Korean leader in recent years, when an agreement was reached but could not be implemented and these meetings proved fruitless. The ruling comes as US President-elect Joe Biden has described Kim Jong Un as a "dacoit" and criticized his meetings with Trump.
  • However, it remains to be seen how the new US president, Joe Biden, will deal with Russia and Iran, including North Korea, and above all with China, as under Donald Trump, less than with North Korea, and with China, Iran and Russia. The dangers of war are high, and experts, especially in the US establishment, are still afraid of Trump pushing the atomic bomb button to withdraw nuclear weapons codes from Donald Trump. Has been decided.


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