A nightmare is over

Friday, January 15, 2021

 A nightmare is over
  • A nightmare of world politics ended with God, the presidency of the mentally ill ruler of the world's largest democracy and the most powerful country came to an end.
  • US President Donald Trump was unanimously decided by the upper house of the US House of Representatives to not only be removed from office, but also to ensure that he does not run for the presidency in the future.
  • Ten members of Trump's own party also voted against him in the referendum, bringing to an end the presence of a man in the presidency who, as soon as he took office, blindly began to make big decisions. The constitution sat helplessly and a single individual issued whatever order he wanted and enforced whatever decision he wanted.
  • The situation at the moment is that the military is seen everywhere in Washington, the capital of the United States of America. The inauguration ceremony of the newly elected president of the country is about to take place. It is being said that they should watch the event from home and not bother to come to Capitol Hill.
  • The legs of those who are begging the people are trembling with fear that if Trump supporters rise up and run to the parliament building again, doomsday will come. Our eyes are not imagining, the real eye is surprised that it The scenario was that in a highly developed country like the United States, there would be a flurry of rigging in the presidential election and a candidate would refuse to accept the results of the polls and say that his victory has been rigged.
  • This spectacle is seen again and again in the poor, deprived and oppressed countries of which this country eats, but in such a large donor country this darkness will spread, it was impossible to imagine.
  • In any case, the president was impeached and now the prayer is that God bless him, he wants to say a few things to the United States and the American people, one is that the United States should apologize to the world And the way the White House has issued big orders, not only should the world be apologized for, but these stupid edicts should be annulled and rejected in such a way that the situation returns to consciousness and wisdom. ۔
  • A wall should be erected on the Mexican border with the United States. This was an order that the world held its breath up and down as soon as it was issued. Then Trump took the children of those who crossed the border hostage and Demonstrated ruthlessness with his parents, declaring as soon as he came to power that the weather in the world is just a hoax and the United States rejects the agreement reached by the countries of the world in Paris. Is leaving the agreement.
  • Similarly, the United States refuses to fund its share of the World Health Organization, saying that we do not care about anyone's feelings, the capital of Israel will be in Jerusalem, these and similar orders of the day would stun the world. But there was a world of helplessness in the world that no one did.
  • The time has come for the United States to write about the constitution that it is proud of, to include a provision in the constitution to correct its own folly, and to give justice to all, whether Palestinians or the frightened and oppressed people of Mexico. Should be
  • One more thing needs to be decided: the principle of democracy that the one who has the support of the majority should be considered right, even if he has a mental disorder, even if he is insane, at the time of the presidential election four years ago Trump also said that if I lost, I would not accept the result.
  • This was heard at the time, even though it was the first alarm bell. The American political system is also good, which is based on two political parties, whether they form the government or become the opposition. 
  • Now, after this latest uproar, the question of whether there should be a third party in the country is being considered. The truth is that there should be more in the country. What has happened to the human race, then, requires that all attitudes of humanity be considered and that in its practice, where necessary, some things be rejected and some accepted, no matter how undesirable.
  • On such occasions people's eyes are opened, the world learns from its own actions, we have the example of two great world wars in which the world decided to sit together after man cut the carrot like radish. And correct your behavior, that stage has come again.
  • Wars are over, the situation that has emerged after this political and health crisis is unprecedented and the world has not gone through any experience, this is happening for the first time, so whatever steps are taken now It should be raised with a lot of thought, otherwise no ruler or bipartisan system will ever change our lives. Now our eyes are not on America, but on the planet. That would be acceptable.


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