Why did Tom Cruise lose his temper during the shooting of the film?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

 Why did Tom Cruise lose his temper during the shooting of the film?

  • Hollywood superstar and well-known action hero Tom Cruise is generally known as a calm, gentle and gentle person, but during the shooting of the film, the crew coronated him (SOPS). He lost his temper for not taking care of her.
  • According to reports, Tom Cruise is busy shooting for his new film 'Mission Impossible 7' in the UK. He is  the producer of this film. had gone.
  • According to the British newspaper, during the shooting, an audio of Tom Cruise came to light in which he scolded two members of the staff for not caring about social distance.
  • In the leaked audio, Tom Cruise is outraged to say that because of us, the Hollywood film industry has resumed work and thousands of people have found employment during this difficult time, and this is the reason for your irresponsible actions. May close our work again.
  • In the audio, Tom Cruise can be heard saying that he does not want to see his work shut down again, if anyone does it again, he will be fired and I will not listen to anyone's excuses.
  • It is believed that this is the seventh film in Tom Cruise's action series 'Mission Impossible' and it is planned to release this film on November 19, 2021, but due to Corona, it is becoming difficult to complete it on time.


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