What kind of Pakistan does PDM want?

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

 What kind of Pakistan does PDM want?

  • In Madinah-ul-Awliya, the leadership of the Pakistan Democratic Movement has successfully resisted by riding on the shoulders of its political activists. If the aim was to humiliate the government, victory has certainly been achieved, if the aim was to restore democracy.
  • To make life easier for the people of Pakistan, to create a regularity in the society of Pakistanis, so no progress has been made, PPP workers and other frontline leaders thwarted all the efforts of the government of the time which She was following the rules to protect Corona.
  • It has been proven that our tried and tested former rulers can finally hold a meeting, no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many risks are taken but they have no new message or new program for Pakistanis. ۔
  • Many painfully serious Pakistanis ask why these esteemed leaders are in such a hurry, why can't they stop for a few weeks, Jamaat-e-Islami has also postponed the meeting for two weeks, is there a condition or a deadline? Has been given.
  • Imran Khan and his ministers associate this haste and stubbornness with corruption cases. To some extent, it seems to be true that these rallies and meetings divert attention from the NAB's actions. These are only temporary things.
  • The objective of the joint struggle of the eleven parties seems to be very limited when analyzed very carefully and objectively. The overthrow of the Imran government, the experiences of overthrowing the government in Pakistan have been many. And when that patronage is not forthcoming, those movements fail.
  • But political activists have been working in both successful and unsuccessful movements, the current efforts are like an election campaign, while elections do not look far-fetched, any democratic movement achieves far-reaching and long-term goals. Are
  • The impatience of the leaders is showing that the PPP had to bring another valuable asset of its, Asifa Zardari, to the forefront ahead of time. The strategy was to bring her to the fore in the 2023 elections The media is very enthusiastic but his opening speech was very short and without any clear message.
  • Even before this, Bilawal's valuable assets are being wasted in the field without any thought or thought. In a country with 60% youth population, the youth leadership is not communicating according to the universal mental standards of the youth.
  • This demonstration of the numerical majority and power of political activists is fruitful in the run-up to the elections. Preparations are underway to make the December 13 rally in Lahore a battleground. Will there be any pressure on the government if the PDM really understands this? The Imran government is selected.
  • The Establishment is with him and the selectors are his allies, so how can it be believed that they will be willing to give a U-turn to their selection seeing the increasing number of meetings.
  • As far as the number of attendees is concerned, they were far more at the funeral of Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the founding head of Tehreek-e-Libek. Students of politics and history are seriously researching whether the ideal of the majority of the people of Pakistan if this If there are celebrities, why are there, what do the waves of thinking of Pakistanis say, then the decision in numerical terms will be in favor of Tehreek-e-Libek.
  • The electoral alliance has so far not been stronger than the PNA, but as a result General Zia's brutal martial law was brought, democracy did not come, the resistance demonstration in Multan gave some life to the dead body of the PPP in Punjab. Has put
  • I would like to sympathize with the PDM leaders that nature and history are giving them this golden opportunity that thousands of Pakistanis are gathering to listen to their speeches, consider it a booty and give this blessing only to God. Don't limit yourself to overthrowing a government.
  • The government has to come, use its best capabilities to decide what kind of Pakistan they want to bring in the 21st century, what kind of economy, what kind of education, what kind of Pakistan, keeping in view the situation of their neighboring countries and global conditions. Local government system, what kind of health management, what kind of political parties.
  • History is screaming that change of rulers does not change the situation, a system needs to be established, when we talk about the implementation of the constitution, we prefer the supremacy of parliament, the rules of successful countries under parliamentary system for years And see regulations.
  • In a parliamentary system, the tradition of a shadow cabinet, which can be called an alternative government, is essential. Seriously, an alternative to each ministry is established, which monitors the progress of every moment.
  • Statistics are kept in front, instead of pointless emotional statements, reports are issued that these decisions are going wrong in such and such a ministry, the results will not be in favor of the country, alternative ministers also go to talk shows, daily. The rules laid down by the British for the operations of
  •  They have been phased out by our rulers, so there is chaos, no one has been responsible for the supply of essential commodities and control of prices, there is adulteration in food and drink, there is bribery in the courts, influential people are not court decisions. Admittedly, if there is no decision in one's favor, the court is also torn from brick to brick, foreign loans are increasing. The projects for which loans were taken were also not completed.
  • The big rallies of the Pakistan Democratic Movement are a temporary success. There will be so many political activists and supporters of 11 parties, but will the Imran government fall below the poverty line and rise above Rs 500 million.
  • Foreign debts will be repaid, and what new training courses have the ruling parties for years come up with that this time they will govern very cleanly, there will be no looting of treasury and have they repented of the corruption of their elders.


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