We are in contact with space creatures, Trump was a revealer, Israeli scientist

Thursday, December 10, 2020

 We are in contact with space creatures, Trump was a revealer, Israeli scientist

  • Dr. Haim Ashad, former head of the Israeli Defense Ministry's space security directorate, has claimed the existence of space creatures.
  • Dr. Haim Ashad, 87, has been the head of the institute for almost 30 years and has been awarded three awards for his services while he is currently a professor.
  • Israeli media: Heim Ashad claimed that Israel and the United States have been in contact with space creatures belonging to the Galactic Federation for many years, including cooperation with space creatures to build a secret base on Mars.
  • He claims that US President Donald Trump was supposed to inform the world about the existence of space creatures but he was prevented from doing so. The galaxy federation stopped Trump from doing so so that hysteria would not spread in the world.
  • Haim Ashad claims that space creatures have been waiting until now for man to go through further evolutionary stages and reach a stage where he can understand space and spacecraft.
  • He also says that space creatures told him not to talk about it now. Humanity is not ready for that.
  • He said that space creatures are just as anxious to unveil the secrets of human beings and the universe as human beings are.
  • Haim Ashad also said that there have been agreements on cooperation between the United States and space creatures, including the establishment of an underground base on Mars where representatives of American astronauts and space creatures are present.
  • The veracity of the former Israeli space chief's claim is a matter of debate, but in June 2018, scientists discovered life on Mars and the presence of an alien creature.
  • Scientists say that not only traces of life have been found on the red planet, Mars, but also evidence of the life of a strange creature.
  • White House and Israeli officials have not commented, but a Pentagon spokesman declined to comment.
  • The US space agency NASA says it has not yet found concrete evidence of the existence of space creatures and is expanding its research in this regard.


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