US military base a hotbed of crime, 'send to Afghanistan but don't deploy here'

Thursday, December 10, 2020

 US military base a hotbed of crime, 'send to Afghanistan but don't deploy here'

  • Fort Hood, America's largest military base in the US state of Texas, has become a hotbed of crime, with 14 officers, including a major general, involved in murder and other sexual offenses being suspended or fired.
  • Vanessa Glenn, 20, went missing in April this year and her remains were found in June.
  • Vanessa Glenn was stabbed in the head with a hammer by a fellow soldier, Irwin Robinson, and her body was dismembered and buried in the woods, but Irwin Robinson committed suicide when the investigation began.
  • Prior to her disappearance, Vanessa Glenn had taken family members into confidence about harassment by a colleague.
  • Officials Morta and Fernandes, whose mysterious deaths were later described as natural deaths, also disappeared.
  • Vanessa Glenn's death marked the culmination of the "Me Too" campaign in the US military's response to sexual violence.
  • After which the army set up a five-member committee to investigate and now the investigation based on the interviews of 2500 personnel has revealed that it was the top officers of this military base who had turned a blind eye and created such an environment for crimes that subordinates Had an open discount.
  • According to the report, the victims of the abuse and other incidents were trembling when they were told about the incidents that happened to them because they were afraid that they would have to suffer more and the prospects of development would not be lost, while some of the victims were threatened. It was said that if he opened his mouth, it would not be good for the family.
  • Major General Jeffrey Broadwater has been suspended for negligence, while 13 other officers have also been suspended or fired, but no criminal action has been reported against them.
  • The report says that personnel at the Fort Hood military base are subjected to sexual assaults and abuses that most officers say send them to fight in Afghanistan but do not deploy to the base.
  • The report called for a change in the culture of the army, improved personnel deployment procedures and protection programs, and a full investigation into the incident.
  • The Congress will now investigate these incidents. The Congress will also investigate the deaths of 28 soldiers at a Texas base in the previous year.


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