Trump, be prepared for catastrophic consequences, Biden warns

Sunday, December 27, 2020

 Trump, be prepared for catastrophic consequences, Biden warns

By shirking your responsibilities, you are playing with the lives of millions of Americans, the newly elected US President

  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Corona virus has wreaked havoc on the global economy, but the situation in the United States has deteriorated to the point where millions of people have lost their jobs and are forced to commit suicide. Lack of jobs makes it harder for people to run a home. So the US government plans کا 892 billion to help its unemployed people as well as those in need.
  • However, a bill was introduced to distribute the aid money to the beneficiaries and the bill had to be signed by the then US President Donald Trump, but when the bill was brought before Trump, he refused to sign it. The aid money is not reaching millions of Americans, which would have given them some time of economic relief.
  • On this inappropriate move of Trump, the newly elected President of the United States tweeted that Donald Trump is not doing you any good.
  • By not signing the bill in this way, you are shirking your responsibilities and the result will not be good. If aid does not reach the beneficiaries and they face some kind of hardship, then the entire responsibility will fall on you. The American people, responding to Trump's move, said that Donald Trump makes unconstitutional decisions and does not sign bills to provide relief to the American people.
  • By not signing the biggest economic aid bill in American history, Trump seems to be seeking revenge on Americans for losing the election. However, Biden said that millions of people were waiting for government aid after Christmas today because They are uncertain whether their situation will improve or not, and this is the time when the aid bill should have been signed immediately, but Trump is abusing the American people by not doing so. Are


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